Growing With Essar

The first private company in India to enter the fuel retailing business is growing tremendously. YOU can grow with them too! How you ask? By becoming an Essar franchisee and owning a petrol pump of your own. History was made […]


The Ride To The Top Of The World

When we think of epic road trips there’s one trip that literally tops the list, the much famed Leh Ladakh road trip. This glorious destination evokes a plethora of emotions in a rider – excitement, thrill, fright, surprise and finally pride! One […]


Around the world on two wheels

If your 100 KM road trip to Lonavala has made your chest puff up with pride, we have something that will make your achievement look somewhat inconsequential. The year was 2006 when Bharadwaj Dayala, an ordinary 36-year-old man from Visakhapatnam […]


Prepare your car for Winter

As you suit up to brace winter with your sweaters and warm clothing, don’t forget that your vehicle needs some preparation too. Winters are particularly harsh for the vehicles as they are not used to the low temperatures. But, there […]


Open Your Heart: Be a New Friend This Diwali

Houses are being swept, walls are being painted, clothes are being bought and roads are getting lit up. This can only mean one thing. India’s biggest celebration, religious or otherwise, Diwali, is just around the corner. We all know that […]


Be Fuel Smart

The customer is called the King of the market, but how often are they treated that way? Many times, the consumer feels at unease with the quantity and quality of petrol provided to them by the petrol pump. However, what […]